You Can Make It Happen

La’Ofek’s hybrid programs break the ceiling of poverty and tear down barriers that have held back Israel’s vulnerable sectors. With your help, they can create a new future filled with hope, promise and untold opportunities.

For tax-deductible Canadian donations, please click here:

Tax deductible in USA (501c3)​

By Mail

Make check payable to La’Ofek, and mail to: POB 214, Alon Shvut, 90433

bit / PayBox


Bank Transfer

The name of account holder: La’Ofek

Bank name: Pagi

Bank number: 52

Branch Number :182

Bank address: 24 Kanfei Nesharim Street

Jerusalem, Israel

Account number / IBAN number

Account number: 751583

IBAN: IL850521820000000751583

SWIFT code



8-672-5671 972+

To receive a digital receipt, please send your email address and phone number to

By Mail

Write check payable to Central Fund of Israel; Mark “La’Ofek” on memo line. Mail to Sue Dzik; 6046 Tyndall Avenue, Bronx, New York 10471-1813 Tax ID: 13-2992985

By Interac

Online donations can be made using Interac. If you are a registered user of Interac, simply use as the recipient email address. Choose your donation amount and list “La’Ofek” in the message box

By Mail

Write check payable to “Ne’eman Foundation Canada”. Mark “La’Ofek” in memo line. Mail to: Ne’eman Foundation Canada 164 York Hill Boulevard, Thornhill, ON L4J 2P6 Canada 



Online Select Canadian Dollar  Donations option. Select La’Ofek from drop down


Speak directly to Ne’eman Foundation Canada to donate stocks.

Bank Transfer

Speak directly to Ne’eman Foundation Canada to make a bank transfer