La’Ofek is dedicated to enabling at-risk sectors and individuals in crisis to advance and improve their lives

through education, upskilling and training so that they can successfully enter the workforce.  

The Story of La’Ofek

La’Ofek enables individuals in crisis and at risk sectors to achieve independence and financial security by providing them with an education, personal mentoring and integration into the workforce.

La’Ofek initiates employment and higher education-based projects among a myriad of sectors, and develops new programs for individuals based on their personal challenges and barriers (internal and external). 


La’Ofek was launched in 2006 as JobKatif by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon to assist some 3000 Gush Katif evacuees to overcome the personal and employment crisis into which they were plunged.


In light of the success, JobKatif applied its knowledge and skills and changed its name to La’Ofek with the goal to help other populations overcome their crises and advance in life.


La’Ofek’s professional teams comprise 15 employees and some 40 volunteers.

Ongoing Programs


A 5-year academic nursing program at the Hebrew University designed for Ethiopian-Israeli young adults.  Students are accepted based on alternative criteria. Achotenu provides scholarships, dorms, living subsidies, individual mentoring, tutoring and guidance throughout the five years. Some 80 students are now in the program.


This new program is being launched this year in cooperation with the Hebrew University for Ethiopian-Israeli young adults who are the first in their family to enter university. The 4-1/2 year occupational therapy program is under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine. Students are accepted based on alternative criteria and receive wrap-around financial, academic and individualized services.


A unique employment-based program for at-risk and discharged soldiers.  Officially recognized by the IDF to provide employment for soldiers with work-approved furloughs, professional staff and dozens of volunteers have helped more than 7,000 young men and women find employment and help them on a path to a new future.

Emergency Corona Employment Program

This program is designed to help unemployed individuals from the two key high-risk groups: 18-25 year olds and 40+ year olds.

Working in cooperation with the Joint Distribution Committee and the Pilat Institute (a leading employment assessment and evaluation company) the program will focus on finding suitable employment for these two sectors.

The program offers multiple paths towards satisfactory employment following intensive, in-depth evaluation and assessment.

The program includes personal mentoring, counselling and ongoing guidance from teams of specially trained professionals.

The 12 month pilot program is already underway with a goal of finding employment for some 100 individuals.  Over the course of three years, we expect to be able to help 1,500 individuals pave a new path towards independence and greater financial security.

Services and Costs

Employment evaluation and assessment to be undertaken by the Pilat Institute.

Professional guidance and individualized mentoring by teams of trained professionals and volunteers.

Upskilling, reskilling, training courses and university studies with a focus on the employment marketplace.

Employment placement and guidance to ensure smooth transition to the workforce.

Supervision of the entire program and ongoing evaluation of its efficacy.

Recruiting businesses, volunteers, unemployed individuals through extensive social media and advertising.

Cost per participant:  $2,100

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