Mechinat Liel

Mechinat Liel

A Rehabilitative Pre-Army Program for Young Adults Suffering from Destructive Behaviors

Since he left home as a teenager, P’s dreams were clouded by alcohol and drugs.  For years he had been living on the streets, never knowing where he would sleep or what his next meal would be.  He had nowhere to really turn.

At Mechinat Liel P learned to overcome his addictions, become a contributing member of a community and prepare for ‘life.’  Many of the other boys have been referred to the mechina by the courts as a last resort before imprisonment, others like P have been living on the streets for years, estranged from their families.

The combination of dedicated staff, individualized, hands-on attention and an intensive rehabilitation program is what helps these boys get back on track.  The boys typically stay for 12 to 18 months.  During this time, they undergo an intensive process of therapy, rehabilitation, education and self-awareness.  A social worker gives weekly individual and group therapy sessions and the resident staff — educators, therapists and psychologist —open their homes for the boys.

During their military service, they return to the Mechina which serves as their home. Then upon discharge, Mechinat Liel will continue to be their home for as long as they need.

“The personal attention here is amazing. No one is judgmental. No one gives up on you. You find people here like you don’t find anywhere. I now feel like a person.  I changed myself; they changed my life.”