The Post-Corona Employment Program

The Post-Corona Employment Program

They need your help. Now.

Of the one million unemployed Israelis, how many will return to work? How many will be under employed? How many will be forced to close their businesses? How can the younger generation plan their future with resources and opportunities so limited?

No one knows all the answers once we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic but undoubtedly many will be un or under-employed. Those who are the most vulnerable are at risk young adults, ages 18-24, specifically newly discharged needy soldiers and lone soldiers from marginalized communities and individuals over the age of 40. 

La’Ofek’s Post Corona Employment Program was launched to provide employment for Israel’s most vulnerable sectors by building capabilities through education, acquiring premium skills and upskilling. Founded and chaired by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, La’Ofek has more than 13 years of experience in the field having helped some some 3,000 find satisfying employment.

The uniqueness of this program is the seamless contiguity from employment assessment through individual mentoring to employment, thanks to the cooperative relationships with Pilat, Israel’s premier company in employment evaluation and assessment and the Joint Distribution Committee.