Yesh Makom L'Kol Echad

“Yesh Makom” is a project that supports and provides tools for success in academia and the job market. It was founded in memory of Mr. Malcolm Slonim (R’ Yitzchak Shmuel HaCohen Slonim), a man who had a place in his heart for every one, including those with special needs and those upon whom fortune did not smile.

Our goal

As the first step – to enable potential students from weak socio-economic backgrounds to find their place in academia and vocational training. As a second step – to help them become part of the work force.

Our approach is based upon the belief in the individual’s autonomy and his responsibility for his own progress.We are not just a scholarship fund for students, but rather a training and mentoring program. We ensure that participants are able to maximize their skills and fulfill their aspirations.  As such, we begin with personalized interviews and evaluation and continue with ongoing support, guidance and mentoring. We help participants find the ‘right fit’. 

We believe that every individual not only has the right but also the ability to find his proper place in today’s society.  A place that will enable them to achieve gainful employment, enjoy financial independence and contribute to Israeli society – regardless of their background or current economic circumstances. 

Sadly, there are many who – despite their ability and ambition – encounter more difficulty than others in finding the correct route for themselves.  They suffer. Their families suffer. And, Israeli society is poorer in every way. Our goal in “Yesh Makom” is to do whatever is possible to help these individuals find their rightful place by supplying them with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles and enjoy the jobs for which they are most suited.

How does it work?

Guidance and support – Yesh Makom’s support program includes a process of evaluation and career counseling by Ta’asukati – an organization specializing in this field. The counseling is geared to providing the participants with the tools to assume responsibility and to take charge of their own professional lives, in accordance with their wishes and talents.

Education package – Suitable candidates will receive an “education package” which includes help in locating and obtaining appropriate scholarships, assistance in covering the cost of tuition, a psychometric course and various learning aids (such as computer, private lessons, etc.).

In keeping with our belief in individual responsibility, graduates of the program will be required to return the funding they received, after completing their course of studies and joining the work force. The terms will be very favorable and custom-tailored to each graduate’s financial status.     

Ben was busy helping his father at the Mahane Yehuda marketplace to attend school. 

Surprisingly, he successfully passed his matriculation exam.

 Pedagogic staff are working with Ben to help him plan a career that will take him out of Mahane Yehuda.


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