Life-Changing Programs

La’Ofek is dedicated to ensuring that at-risk individuals or those who find themselves at a low point in their lives, can achieve personal and financial independence. 

How?  A customized combination of one-on-one counseling,  employment assessment and evaluation, and mentoring throughout the process ensures beneficiaries that the road they choose meets their needs, capabilities, and capacities for growth and advancement. The goal is to gain satisfactory, fulfilling employment so that their future is more hopeful and promising.

La’Ofek’s employment-focused programs are designed to tear down the internal and external barriers which have prevented individuals from maximizing their potential, and customized to answer the needs of the individual.

La’Ofek, an initiative of Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon was initially launched in 2006 as JobKatif. The overarching goal was to ensure that Gush Katif evacuees could find employment. Ten years later, with some 3,000 evacuees working, JobKatif overturned the 85% unemployment rate to an 88% employment rate. 

The organization then changed its name to La’Ofek — Hope for the Future.  Adapting the successful employment model — individualized counseling and mentoring, ongoing support, and multiple tracks to employment  — La’Ofek turned its attention to address the needs of other vulnerable sectors.

La’Ofek’s success is based on its employment-focused model and the support of friends throughout the world.

We Believe

La’Ofek doesn’t subscribe to the belief that people are ‘weak.’  Rather, La’Ofek believes that people can sometimes be at a weak point in their lives, believing there is no way to break the cycle.

We believe there is a way. We also believe that these individuals have the capacities to break the cycle. La’Ofek provides them with the tools and skills to do so.

Each individual benefits from a customized program, whether it be academic studies, retraining or skills enrichment accompanied by individualized mentoring and counselling. The goal is employment, ultimately enabling them to break the cycle of poverty, and create a new reality that resonates with hope and promise.

Our Programs

New Dawn

New Dawn, officially launched in October 2020, is an employment-focused program for corona pandemic unemployed. The program provides hybrid paths to satisfactory, fulfilling employment, be they academic tracks, retraining, up-skilling or re-skilling, one-on-one mentoring and counseling, with the aid of partnerships with nationwide organizations and experienced, professional staff.

Ta’asuchayil is a unique employment program for needy IDF soldiers and discharged soldiers. IDF-approved, Ta’asuchayil helps thousands of soldiers find employment during their work furloughs. Thanks to its national network of businesses and volunteers, each soldier is placed in a job based on needs, geographic location, and skills. Now, they can finish their military service with pride and plan the next step in their lives with Ta’asuchayil by their side.

Achotenu is a revolutionary academic nursing program for Ethiopian-Israeli young adults. Students are accepted into university nursing tracks based on alternative admission criteria, and are provided with full financial support — scholarships, living subsidies, dorms, tutoring — throughout the five years. We are looking forward to accepting our 6th cohort of nursing students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Its success has resulted in a similarly designed program at Hebrew University’s Department of Occupational Therapy.

Amutat (NGO) La’Ofek has a professional staff of 15 and some 40 volunteers throughout the country.

Chairman:  Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon

CEO: Eli Taragin

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