An IDF-Approved Employment-Based Program for Israel’s Impoverished Soldiers

Ta’asuchayil, an employment-based program, is designed to provide needy at-risk soldiers, lone soldiers and discharged soldiers, who are granted IDF-approved work furloughs, greater financial security. As such, Ta’asuchayil helps these soldiers develop necessary skills for the workplace that smoothes the path to employment.  

Ta’asuchayil is the first program providing individualized solutions to needy soldiers, and working in cooperation with the IDF.

The program was launched in 2016 and has helped over 8,000 needy soldiers to date. Today, there are some 12,000 needy IDF soldiers whose financial situation weighs heavily on their soldiers — as individuals and vis a vis their families. As such, they have difficulty completing their military service. 

The IDF recognizes this and grants these soldiers work furloughs. But how to find work from one day to the next, or for short stints is difficult at best. That’s where Ta’asuchayil comes in.

An employment-based program for impoverished soldiers, Ta’asuchayil enables thousands of soldiers to find employment during their IDF approved work furloughs — be they for 3 days or one week intermittently — so that they can finish their military service with pride.

Ta’asuchayil’s network of hundreds of businesses throughout Israel, cultivated throughout the years with the help of dozens of volunteers nationwide, means that we can match a soldier with an employer based on needs, geographic location and skills.

About Our Volunteer Network

Ta’asuchayil’s network of volunteers was established in conjunction with the SHaLeM Movement (National Service for Adults) — Israel’s largest adult volunteer network, part of the Israel Association of Community Centers.

Alongside helping Ta’asuchayil’s beneficiaries find employment — often at above minimum wage — in many cases, the volunteers develop personal contacts with the soldiers, which may last beyond their military service. These volunteers provide a supportive and caring network which guides the young men and women towards a better future.


As the needs grow, Ta’asuchayil increases its outreach. With an eye on the next stage, Ta’asuchayil is also focusing on needy soon-to-be and newly discharged soldiers and lone soldiers.

Some are shepherded into short-term employment, and fully half are undergoing professional assessment, evaluation, and employment counselling to plan their future.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Volunteer enrichment

To maximize the program’s capabilities and services, Ta’asuchayil invests resources in enrichment training for its volunteers, offering a wide variety of courses and workshops


Ta’asuchayil’s network of volunteers and professional staff operate on a national basis making powerful connections with local businesses and organizations — wherever they may be — to ensure employment

Strong connections to employment

One of Ta’asuchayil’s strengths is its close interactions with the workforce, local authorities and tens of businesses throughout the country

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the individual

Ta’asuchayil’s volunteers and professional staff closely monitor and guide the soldiers throughout, imbuing them with a feeling of success and accomplishment. As they enter civilian society, they do so, more easily and more openly

Matching employment with the individual soldier’s needs

This is based on the soldier’s skills, geographic location, and availabilities to work

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