Life-Changing Programs

All of La’Ofek’s programs are employment-focused. They are specifically targeted to Israel’s vulnerable sectors: those for whom the opportunities existing in Israel’s dynamic marketplace have not been — until now — readily within their reach. La’Ofek overturns this, transforming these sectors into centers of empowerment, change and hope, enabling these individuals to carve a path to a better, more secure future.  A future that strengthens their families, communities and Israeli society.

Our Program

A Path to a Stable, Hopeful Future

We believe there is a way. We also believe that these Ethiopian-Israelis, impoverished and pandemic unemployed who have lost hope possess the capacities to tear down barriers and break the cycle of hopelessness and poverty.

It’s in their hands.

La’Ofek provides them with the tools and skills to do so.


To Whom Did We Give New Hope?

pandemic unemployed are paving a path thanks to our innovative corona employment program
Ethiopian-Israeli young adults are studying for academic degrees in nursing and occupational therapy at the Hebrew University thanks to Achotenu
soldiers from severe socio-economic backgrounds found work or are on the path to finding work, while gaining financial confidence and security thanks to Ta’asuchayil

Our Partners