How do you empower a family to break the cycle of poverty?

A cycle which keeps them and future generations on the sidelines of society. Oppressed and hopeless.

With a vision for a future no better than the present or past.

We began with the Gush Katif families. By creating a myriad of innovative, hands-on employment-centered programs

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In recent years, we began helping other marginalized sectors — young Ethiopian-Israeli adults, at risk teens and young adults, impoverished soldiers — suffering from unemployment and under-employment.

We enable these people to become financially independent.

And, as such we improve their and their family’s future opportunities.

We invite you to learn about our multi-fold, innovative programs.

Comprehensive support services for discharged lone soldiers
Revolutionary nursing program for young Ethiopian adults
Unique employment programs for impoverished IDF soldiers
Program for high risk youth
A unique employment-based mentoring program
A unique employment-based mentoring program


By Mail: For U.S. Tax-Deductible Contributions by mail: “The Central Fund of Israel” ( to earmark donation for a specific project write the name of the project in memo line, otherwise write JobKatif) Mail to: Beth White, 65 Argyll Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804

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By Mail: For Canadian Tax-Deductible Donations-
Write check payable to “Ne’eman Foundation Canada”
( in order to earmark your donation to a specific project write JobKatif or JobKatif-Achotenu or JobKatif-Ta’asuChayil in memo line)
Mail to: Ne’eman Foundation 75 Lisa Crescent Thornhill, ON L4J 2N2

By Mail: For Israeli Tax-Deductible Contributions

-Make checks payable to: JobKatif Mail to: JobKatif POB 214 Alon Shvut 9043300
(JobKatif is recognized for tax purposes in Israel under סעיף 46)
To make a credit card donation in Israel, please contact our office at 02-580-0070 during business hours.

By Mail: For South African Tax-Deductible Donations –

Bank Transfers: Account Name: Bnei Akiva Friends of Israel Bank: Nedbank Account Number: 101-365-3777 Branch: Diamond Exchange 193205

By Mail: For UK Tax-Deductible Contributions

Write check payable to “UK GIVES”
(write 580459436  in memo line, in order to earmark your donation to a specific project add  580459436 JobKatif-Achotenu or 580459436 JobKatif-Ta’asuChayil in memo line)
Mail to: 483 Green Lanes London, England N13

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