Corona Employment Program

Of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed Israelis, how many will return to work? How many will re-open their businesses?  How can the younger generation plan their future?

No one knows the answer to these questions. But no doubt, once the corona pandemic is behind us and we return to ‘normal’ lives, many will be unemployed, under-employed or unable to plan a new future.

The New Dawn program was specifically developed to assist individuals who are unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The comprehensive program works on multiple levels.  It was developed in coordination with the Joint Distribution Committee and the Pilat Institute for Employment Direction with a focus on the two most vulnerable sectors: post-army at risk young adults and individuals aged 40+.

The New Dawn program was launched in October 2020.  It is dedicated to securing employment for the pandemic unemployed, by helping them strengthen their capacities through academic degree granting tracks, developing quality skills and upgrading capabilities. What makes this program unique is the seamless contiguity from evaluation and assessment to individualized mentoring to securing suitable employment. New Dawn works in coordination with other professional organizations nationwide.

In 2020, while closely working with one of the country’s leading employment assessment and evaluation institutes, New Dawn helped develop a unique digital assessment tool, which smoothes and advances the path towards employment. Additionally, with the coronavirus pandemic we introduced a new method of working  with the IDF, volunteers and potential employers in regards to needy soldiers serving in the IDF. Furthermore, we created a track  for discharged soldiers from Israel’s vulnerable sectors.  


What Makes This Program Unique?

Flexibility & Compatibility

New Dawn offers hybrid paths of paths leading to employment, all of which are flexible; one can change course midstream, for example. Each path is designed to be compatible and meets the needs of the individual.

Comprehensive program geared exclusively towards employment

Individuals who turn to us for employment advice and placement can benefit from a full basket of services — individual mentoring, professional evaluation and assessment, and one-on-one counselling — customized to their needs

Combining resources and consolidating forces

New Dawn amasses under one roof professionals, organisations, volunteers, businesses and donors in order to maximize resources, and enable the unemployed by enhancing their soft and hard skills, to join the work force as quickly as possible


 The Future

New Dawn is more than a life preserver; it is a path that will change the future of the pandemic unemployed, strengthen their families and community, and enrich Israeli society. We are continuing to work on multiple fronts to: double the number of volunteers; guide the unemployed to the most appropriate tracks; explore niches in the workforce; build additional cooperative relationships with businesses, and promote this unique program on a national scale. 

Without the hands-on professional help throughout the process, many of these individuals would be lost in a maze of missed opportunities. New Dawn ensures that they can maximize their potential, and gain the soft and hard skills they need to carry them forward for years to come.


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