Volunteering for IDF Soldiers

If you are seeking quality volunteering activities which are exciting, challenging, varied and close to home, then ShaLeM and Ta’asuchayil invite you to join us.

Join our extraordinary, heartwarming volunteer network. Together we can help Israel’s needy soldiers build a more secure financial foundation through satisfying, fulfilling employment.

Ta’asuchayil is one of the volunteer programs operated by ShaLeM — a national social community-based movement for Israel’s adult population.

Ta’asuchayil is approved by the IDF Personnel Department and  provides assistance to IDF needy soldiers during their military service, individualized counselling, and secures employment so that the young men and women can complete their military service with pride.  

Special volunteer activities 

Ta’asuchayil’s volunteer opportunities are different than those of other organizations. Volunteering is neither timed on a clock or demands a physical presence. Volunteers make themselves available, via telephone, WhatsApp and digital communication, as the soldiers need them. Volunteers help find employment and provide a strong and supportive network that the soldiers know they can count on.

What do our volunteers get?

Participation & Belonging

Ta’asuchayil is a unique program providing volunteers with challenging opportunities, adapted to each volunteer’s capabilities and skills during this period

The Ability to Influence

Ta’asuchayil is changing the community and has gained a reputation for meeting challenging needs

Satisfaction and fulfillment

Volunteering at Ta’asuchayil is challenging and satisfying. You are helping needy soldiers and ensuring that their future can be more secure and satisfying. As satisfying for them as for you

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